Small Projects!

Our front entrance is still a work on progress. I needed it to be highly functional (holding keys, paper mail, dog supplies, umbrellas, purses, shoes, and a number of other odds and ends), as well as set the aesthetic tone for the whole house for those entering our home.

First up: putting all of those usable pieces behind closed doors... or boxes, rather. We had smaller IKEA boxes from our previous apartment to put smaller things in but purchased a few larger baskets to house shoes and purses/umbrellas. The problem? Having stinky shoes in the open air was not only pretty ugly but also greeted our guests with a particularly unpleasant smell. So I put a lid on it!

A place for everything and everything in its place! (With a guest appearance by Charlie Bear.)

The lids were pretty simple to do. All I needed was some cardboard, some fabric I had around the house and a staple gun (the materials were thin enough that you could use a refular stapler, too!)

 Just measure your cardboard slightly larger than the top... I doubled up on mine so that the lid would be thicker.

Then I just stapled the fabric down. Easy peezy.

And voila! A nice cover for stinky shoes. 

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