Ruby Jo, 9 Weeks

Height/Weight: Feels about the same as last week.

Routine: The only real change to our routine as been the addition of lotion at night. It's a nice little massage for our hardworking Tubes and we get the added bonus of a great-smelling baby. 

Sleeping: Counting down the days until we can begin cry-it-out. Right now nights are much better than days. She screams if she so much as gets set down during the day, so that means that I just have to let her sleep on me. At night she'll go down for four hours, feed, go down for around three, then refuse to go back in the crib and sleep on me for the rest of the morning. As soon as she's developmentally able to grasp the concept of sleeping in the crib I'm going to start a hard sleep schedule.  

Eating/Feeding: Eating the same as last week--she's nothing if not an excellent eater. :)

Sizes: I'm thinking we'll get two, maybe three more weeks out of her 0-3 months clothes. 

Milestones: The week after her shots was pretty rough, and as a result she did a lot of sleeping and a lot of snuggling. I have noticed that she's a lot better at self-sooting than she used to be. 

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