Ruby Jo, 10 Weeks

Height/Weight: Ruby seems longer than she did last week, and I think she's going through a growth spurt, but I could just be imagining things. 

Routine: I've been really aggressively trying to do more exercises throughout the day to strengthen Ruby's neck since she heavily favors her right side. I think it's been paying off too! Look at that pic... the first time she's looked up! That means plenty of playtime for mama and Ruby!

Sleeping: Lots of sleeping during the day... still will only sleep if she's laying on mommy, so this means that I'm being impeded for a lot of the day. I think that she's going through a growth spurt or developmental leap so I'm OK with it. She's been kind of cranky at night, but no change in her general sleep/wake up schedule.   

Eating/Feeding: Eating about an ounce more than normal at every feeding this week, probably because of the growth spurt.

Sizes: Same as last week.

Milestones: Well, first and foremost she saw Billy Madison for the first time--and just like her mommy she loved it! She's also gotten a lot more vocal, trying out all sorts of new sounds. One of these vocalizations is one that I've been working on since she was born: the mmm sound! Both Grant and I heard it loud and clear when she was upset about something and screamed out "Maaaaa!!! Maaaaa!!! Maaaa!!" I've never been happier to hear her cry. She also had her first afternoon away from mommy, when I went out to brunch for a friend's birthday. I wore heels and everything, a real post-pregnancy milestone for me. Ruby also started tracking me across the room the week, which was the last of her 2 month developmental milestones. Looking forward to increasing that neck strength so we can get more tummy time in and work toward rolling over!

(click to enlarge and see Ruby's growth progress!)

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