Ruby Jo, 8 Weeks

Height/Weight: We finally got Ruby's 2-month stats!

Height: 22 in. (40th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs. 9 oz. (75th percentile) 
Head Circumference: um... I can't remember the measurement, but she's in the 45th percentile

We're so excited about her progress! She's measuring healthily on the normal charts, despite being such preemie. Great job, Tubes!

Routine: Our routine is still the same--although Ruby's been quite fussy lately and it's been throwing a wrench in all of our plans. After talking to the pediatrician she decided that she has the dreaded colic--and that there's not much I can do for her other than what I've been doing, which is mainly walking around and rocking. Oh, the joys of babies. 

Sleeping: Because of the aforementioned fussiness, we've been having some sleeping issues at night. In brighter news, Ruby's been going down for a nap during the day in her crib--something I haven't been able to get her to do in weeks! During this time I can get things like dishes, emails, cleaning and workouts done. It makes my day a lot easier and more productive. 

Eating/Feeding: Looks like I spoke too soon on the whole "gone are the days of milk spilling out of the side of her mouth" deal. She's been spilling again and I think I figured out the culprit. I looked up a bunch of her new symptoms (difficulty eating, drooling, chewing on hand) and came to the conclusion that, even though she's only two months old, she's teething. I brought it up to the pediatrician at her 2 month visit and she agreed that although she wasn't showing teeth, teething was most likely the cause for the symptoms. She actually said that during her practice she's seen teething happening earlier and earlier. 

Sizes: Still the same as last week.  

Milestones: Yesterday Ruby had the worst day of her short life so far--she got her first round of shots. I have never heard a worse sound in my life than her cries. The pediatrician warned me that she might have a more emotional reaction than most babies (both because she has sensitive skin and she is "very expressive") and boy, was she right. Ruby cried the entire night and could only be coaxed into a dull whimper if she was walked around the house. Oy. Because of the pain we gave her a baby dosage of acetaminophen, which came in an oral dosage. It was also cherry flavored, which marked the first time that she's tasted something other than formula or milk. She was mid-wail and immediately stopped crying, her eyes got wide and she looked so happy. I feel that way about sweets too, Ruby. She also sat in her Bumbo for the first time. Her neck isn't quite strong enough, but if I'm there to make sure she doesn't bob too violently it's a great way to help strengthen her neck muscles. 

(click to enlarge and see Ruby's growth progress!)

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