Ruby Jo, 7 Weeks

Height/Weight: One more week until our 2-month checkup! Everyone I send pics to says she's gotten a lot bigger. Ruby had a growth spurt last week and now she does seem a lot bigger--especially her height.

Routine: We're still going on walks every morning before it gets too hot. We're also doing tummy/play time in the middle of the day, and again after Grant gives her a bath in the evening. After Ruby gets her first shots next week I'm planning all sorts of new activities out and about!

Sleeping: If you ask Grant how she sleeps at night he'll tell you fine. But for some reason (maybe she can smell me?) Miss Ruby does not seem to want to sleep in her crib on Mommy's nights. This, coupled with days that are filled with screaming unless I'm holding her, make for some restless 24-hour periods. Thank goodness she'll sleep when she's on my chest, even if it puts me out of commission for getting anything else done. 

Eating/Feeding: This week it was clear that Ruby was going through a growth spurt. She was eating a lot more than usual, pooping less and sleeping all the time. Whenever she woke up (about every 2.5 hours) she was already super hungry. The good news is that the days of spilling milk out of the side of the bottle seem to be gone. 

Sizes: Wearing 0-3 month outfits--and getting a little too long for even those! The outfit she wore for this week's picture was just barely long enough to fit her torso, so I thought I'd get a picture of her in it before she couldn't wear i anymore. Thanks a lot, Daddy's tall genes! 

Milestones: Ruby's morning smiles are now going all day long! She returns smiles that I give her and excitedly looks to me to return her own. I think she's even testing out laughing when I'm being extra silly or when Grant and I are both cracking up. Lots of grunting and squeaking--the first signs of verbal communication! Her cries are also definitely different for different needs. One of the hardest parts of being a stay-at-home mom is letting Grant find his own way with her. I'm here all day, so it's easier for me to know the subtle differences between cries that mean she's hungry, frustrated, in pain or just sleepy. He doesn't yet, but he'll never learn if I keep telling him the answer. Fortunately for both of us she's progressed a lot on the self-soothing front, learning to suck on her own hand when she's tired or frustrated. On the physical development front, Ruby's neck is getting stronger and stronger. I've got to say that her core and legs are way ahead of the game though. During tummy time she can scoot her body (dragging her head along because her neck isn't quite strong enough to lift it) halfway along the couch. Oh, and Ruby celebrated her first holiday--Happy Independence Day!

(click to see Ruby's growth progress!)

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