Ruby Jo, 6 Weeks

Height/Weight: Getting anxious for our 2-month weight and height check (still a long two weeks away), but we've gotten a lot of comments this week about her chubby little leg. Both Grant and I had them when they were babies, so those adorable little knee rolls were inevitable. I'm happy that she's started to look a little less preemie and a little more Rogers-Cooper. She's also gotten a lot heavier to hold. I strapped her into the carrier today and walked five blocks to the library; I felt like I was carrying a bag of brinks. Super mommy strength, here I come. 

Routine: Knock on wood, the past three nights we've fed her, given her a bath, done naked tummy/exercise time, read her bedtime stories and put her to sleep for the night--and it's worked! 

Sleeping: I read that most babies this age are taking three naps during the daytime and sleeping in anywhere from 2-4 hour chunks at night. She's definitely at that point of activity during the day, and at the short end of the spectrum for distance between sleeps at night. I noticed her getting a lot more fussy and prone to fits a few days ago and discovered that it's completely normal for her age. At around 5 weeks babies lose their ability to auto-tune out discomfort (noise, heat, cold, gas, acid reflux, fear, etc.), but don't acquire the ability to self-soothe until around 9 weeks. Because of this, the next few weeks our little Ruby will be needier than usual. It's making getting things done during the day a little more difficult--she'll usually only sleep at worst on top of my tummy/chest and at best laying next to me on the pillow or crib or in her vibrating chair, but the crib is out of the question during the day. I'll never be able to get this snuggle time back, so I'm trying to look at it in a positive light. 

Eating/Feeding: Haven't noticed an uptick in eating, but what we're doing is certainly working out. I gave breast feeding/pumping a valiant effort but was still only getting half and ounce total per pump, so I've decided to call it quits. Part of me feels like I failed, which I know is totally normal if silly, but working that hard (an extra probably 10 hours a day) for that little (an extra probably 5 ounces a day) was physically and emotionally draining. It's hard to get up during the night and give up showers and eating during the day to produce what amounts to very little. And don't mention the 3 a.m. crying fits I've had when I accidentally knocked over and spilled the few drops that I got out of a 40-minute pump session. For my mental and physical well-being, it was best for this mama to call it quits. 

Sizes: Sometime last week Grant attempted to put a newborn onesie on her. I told him that she was fitting into 0-3 month stuff now and that they were easier to get her arms into. That's when he stopped attempting to contort her flailing little appendage while being careful not to break or twist or pop anything (and while trying to get the poor baby not to cry), and decided to put her in a much roomier size up. We haven't looked back since. Goodbye, newborn sizes. We hardly knew ye.  

Milestones: I have officially gotten the first few social smiles out of little Ruby. Ruby, like her mommy before her, is a very serious baby. If she's not sleeping, she only smiles on two occasions: when she wakes up in the morning when daddy is going to work (sing, "Good mornin', good mornin'" and she gives me a big smile) and after she's spit up all over me. These are the magic moments. This week Grant and I went to a restaurant, so Ruby had her first dining out experience. She slept through the whole thing. Ruby's regularly grabbing objects that we hold up for her to grab, which is developmentally ahead of the curve. And, most impactful to our daily lives, she's learned not to completely claw her face, so we've nixed her hand mittens. So excited not to have to clean lint from between her fingers anymore. 

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