Ruby Jo, 5 Weeks

Height/Weight: Growing every day! She feels like she's well over 9 pounds and is really filling out... so excited to have a squishy little baby instead of a tiny, scary newborn. 

Routine: We're hoping to transition into bath time happening every night now. I've also implemented a more regular bedtime routine--bath, tummy time, bedtime books (You Are My I Love You, Tu Eres Mi Te Quiero and Goodnight, Moon), then sleeping. It seems to be working well so far. I've also begun taking her on walks in the morning (around 9 a.m.) that take us through the hilly trails of Riverside Park. The whole walk takes around 90 minutes, depending on my speed, and usually puts Ruby right to sleep. Today she was up for about an hour of it though, and it was so cute to watch her look up at the tree-covered sky and check what little nature the city has to offer out. 

Sleeping: Ruby's been more and more active every day. She's still only sleeping for two hours at a time  Sometimes Grant can get an elusive 4-hour chunk out of her at night and a few times a week a nap will last for 3 hours, but for the most part she's like clockwork with the fussing after two hours. That said, the time between naps has gotten a lot longer, especially in the afternoons after we've gone on our walks. Yesterday we had our first truly fussy day. She was screaming anytime I wasn't holding her either on my shoulder or laying on my chest/tummy, so we spent a good 5 hours cuddling until she was finally ready to be put down in her crib alone. 

Eating/Feeding: Still eating the same amount as last week and loving it!

Sizes: We've started to put her in some of the smaller 0-3 month clothes that we have and while she doesn't fill them out, she's not swimming in them! Summer dresses and rompers, here we come! 

Milestones: Nothing new to report, but she is one strong baby. When she goes tummy time she scoots her whole body half the length of the couch by pushing along with her legs. She also likes to do half pushups while she's down there. 

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