Ruby Jo, 4 Weeks

Height/Weight: At her official one month checkup Ruby weighed 8 lbs., 8 oz., and was clocking in at just under 21 inches. Such a big girl!

Routine:  Bathtime is now happening every other day--and we'll be starting every day soon. It's a nice time for Daddy/Ruby bonding time. She's a fairly gassy baby and has acid reflux, so she takes a bit of burping and soothing after eating to settle down, but once she goes to bed you can pretty much guarantee that she'll be up in 90 minutes. 

Sleeping: Ruby seems to sleep better on Daddy's nights--or maybe I just notice her squeaking more. She is a very loud sleeper: grunting, squeaking, moaning, gas pains. I tend not to sleep through many of them. At nights Grant can usually get 3-4 hour stretches, while mine are 2-3. 

Eating/Feeding: Still eating the same amount as last week and loving it!

Sizes: Still the same sizes but she is definitely coming to the end of her newborn phase!

Milestones: After her first bath Ruby decided that she liked them after all. She's on the verge of a number of breakthroughs--smiling, laughing. She can grab objects and punch them, as well as track them as they move. She took her first trip to the dog park and, like all other trips she takes, slept through the entire thing. 

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