Ruby Jo, 3 Weeks

Sorry, guys! My sister and nephew came to meet Rube the Tube and help out for a couple weeks. It's been so exciting that I'm a bit late with this post. Better late than never though!

Height/Weight: No official word on height and weight, but she sure does feel a lot squishier and is looking like she'll be sizing out of newborn diapers pretty soon. 

Routine:  Ruby's so much more alert now than she was a week ago. Since she's having more alert stretches for longer, I've been trying to take advantage of the time during the day by reading her a couple soft books and playing with what appears to be her new favorite toy--a soft lady bug that offers her a bunch of dangling toys to try and hit with her ever-more-muscular arms. We're also going on walks to the park everyday. Ruby sleeps through every single one of them, as she loves the feeling of being strolled over bumpy terrain. 

Sleeping: Seemingly gassier every day, sleeping can sometimes be difficult. She goes down pretty quickly if she's resting in the crook of my arm and laying on my tummy, but the crib transfer can be tricky. Transitioning to the vibrating baby chair, then to the crib has been buying us a little more resting time. 

Eating/Feeding: Ruby has graduated to between 3 and 4 ounces per feeding. She loves to eat but does get a gassy, so she requires a lot of burping along the way. No progress on breastfeeding and no progress on the amount I can pump. It's disconcerting but I'm doing everything I can do. 

Sizes: Still wearing newborn sizes but they're getting tighter and tighter!  

Milestones: We took our first bath! Ruby hated it, but seemed to like the following ones a little better. Her motor skills are improving every day and she's able to punch objects (mainly the accoutrements of the aforementioned lady bug toy) with advanced precision when she wants to. She also seems to be on the brink of smiling, so I'm hoping that will come soon! 

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