California Dreams!

I've been completely negligent to the blog... but for good reason! Grant got a job offer in L.A. and before you knew it, we were taking a week-long cross-country trip to move to sunny California! It's been amazing so far and I promise a full update on both Ruby and the trip itself (it was quite the adventure for all of us!), but first I wanted to share some low-quality iPhone pics of our place!

It's a downstairs apartment in one of two quadplexes on the property. The outside is totally adorable and will be discussed in a separate post (a courtyard! a patio! a lemon tree!), but for now allow me to dump photos and quickly discuss plans.

 Homer has never had a front door before and he is so, so happy.

 So, here's the main living space. (Don't mind our moving mess.) The apartment is laid out like a craftsman bungalow, so one large rectangular room with an off-shoot smaller space and the kitchen off of that. We're going to use the space to the right of the front door as our living room, and build seating/storage along the wall of windows. I'll be getting a round dining table to complete the space.

 Here's the extra big closet off of the living space.

 I think that this off-shoot room is generally used as a dining space but we're going to use it as our office. We're building in cabinets along the left and window wall, giving Grant a computer area and me a place to craft.

 This kitchen is actually quite large. We're going to add a dishwasher and some additional shelving.

 There's Ruby's room. It's plenty big for her and there's a lot of storage in those double closets.

 And here's the bathroom. It's a bathroom. It will work.

 The best part about the hallway is that there is built-in storage everywhere! Finally, a linen closet!

 Here's our room. Nothing too exciting, but it's a good size and serves our needs.
 Sneak peak of the outside! There's our front stoop and A LEMON TREE right outside our door.
 Here's the view onto the fenced patio.
And here's the patio itself. It actually wraps around but it's such a thin space that I can't imagine using it for much more than storage.

So excited about our plans!

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