Redesign Progress: Living Room

Nesting has kicked in hardcore in these parts. Beyond just wanting to get the nursery done, I have an overwhelming urge to streamline, de-clutter and generally make-ready every room in this apartment. I've also been finding that my design style is completely changing. While I used to be attracted to vintage, deconstructed, cozy rooms with so many things in them you could start an antique shop, I now lean toward a much cleaner, more modern aesthetic. I like a Nordic color palette--white, black and gray with the occasional pop of color. A far cry from the warm browns and reds I used to gravitate toward. So using mostly items that I already had and a few purchased ones, I've started changing the living room up to reflect this. Here's what it looked like before:

I got a new coffee table and rug from IKEA, moved shelving that we had in the kitchen and Grant's office in here, purchased a few throw pillows, and borrowed chairs from the bedroom to create additional seating. I also took the drapes off the windows and left the Tupplr shades, which made a huge improvement in the overall airiness of the space.

Living Room To Do:

Buy new couch
Buy 2 accent chairs
DIY Faux Marble treatment on coffee table
Replace knobs on media center and side table
Add storage baskets along bottom of shelving

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