On the Hunt: Diaper Bags

As the due date fast approaches, there are a million little things we need to get ready before baby comes. Most of the large furniture is already in her nursery, we've picked out a stroller, car seat and pump, and now we're just waiting until after the shower to fill in the blanks. One thing that I haven't decided on is a diaper bag. It's something that, as soon as we start leaving the house for daily walks, park trips and appointments, I'll be using everyday. Like, everyday for the next few years, so it's kind of an important decision. I'd like to find a happy medium between not busting the bank and not looking like I'm carrying around an ugly old diaper bag. Here are some contenders:

1. Nordstrom, $70
3. Nordstrom, $80
4. Carter's, $49
5. Kate Spade, $149
6. JJ Cole, $70
7. Evie Bett, PUR
8. Nordstrom, $85
9. Evie Bett, PUR
10. Stork Sak, $132
11. Lily Jade, $260
12. Nordstrom, $64

Which are your favorites? What should I be prioritizing when looking for a diaper bag? 

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