Kitchen Redesign Plan

In keeping with my rampant nesting, I've been itching to improve our little renter's NYC galley kitchen. Since we saw the apartment it's been my least favorite part of the apartment. I kind of have to love it because it's a big part of the reason that our rent is as low as it is. It hasn't been updated in years (we've paid half on a stove and refrigerator since we moved in, so those are newer), but we've been cursed with an ugly sink/faucets, awful laminate counters, and the most god-awful yellow paint on our cupboards that I've ever seen. What would possess a human being to choose that color for anything in their lives, let alone the most used room in the house, I do not know. The good news, it that I get to change all of that very soon.

I've been drawn to simple, clean kitchens with white cabinetry, brass hardware and a pop of natural wood. Here's what I'm liking:

And here's what it looks like right now:

 The yellow looks a whole lot less ghastly in photos, but it really is disgusting. That laminate countertop isn't my favorite, but I think that improving everything else will just make it fade into the background.

 Note to self: Clean up your damn fridge.

 I think I'll replace those curtains with a simple white shade. I wish I could find a more elegant solution for the dog bowl stand too.

That Charlie Bear painting is my favorite. Grant's friend from high school painted that for him when he was just a little puppy and it makes me so happy. We got that IKEA dresser and I've been waiting to make it over ever since. Additional storage: check. Additional counter space: check.

So here's what I have planned:

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