Redesign Reveal: Bedroom

You may recall that I recently realized that I hadn't done a damn thing with my bedroom since we moved in. So I hatched a plan and got to work. Grant and I are both really happy with the results... and I think that the little guys are too. The first thing we did was to change the layout of the room.

Originally, the room (which is rectangular, with the view from the door facing the short wall) was set up with the bed on that wall. We moved the bed to the long wall and replaced it will an extra long vanity set up that I am completely obsessed with.

I don't have many before pics, but I do have a picture of how absolutely boring my bed used to be.

First of all, the white bed against the black wall (two coats of Benjamin Moore  ben interior paint in Eggshell Onyx) looks amazing, and I'm loving how the different patterns play against one another.

Those polka dot sheets are so playful (and super comfortable) and the floral throw adds a pop of color on an otherwise black-and-white colorscape.

Another way I brought in some color was with above-the-bed DIY art (tutorial to come). The colors play nicely against both the floral and the black wall. On the top pic of this set you can see both the old man floor lamp I'm loving in my reading chair situation, and the black-and-white drapes that segue between the two walls.

I finally have a reading nook. I got this EAMES rocker knock-off and chenille throw from Amazon and they are both super comfy (and ready for a baby to rock!). I'll be replacing the actual bedside table eventually, but for now it serves its purpose. 

 I stole this jewelry tree from my dresser so I have someplace to throw my necklaces and hair clips at the end of the night.

The view from the chair to the corner. You can see the vanity mirror and a big ol' blank wall that's begging for some art.

 Speaking of... look at this guy! All beauty products and facial cleansers and lotions and clean space to work with. I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out!

Step 1: Makeover 2 Ikea RAST dressers in the style of Urban Jane. (I used leftover paint from our walls when we moved in, a deep espresso stain that I used for wedding projects and bronze pulls I got off of amazon.)

Step 2: Attach a table top (I got this one from Ikea) to the dressers with shelf brackets. Add an oversized mirror and enjoy getting beautiful! Because I had the paint, stain and screws already, the entire project cost me just around $150... and nearly doubled my storage!

Those lucite storage containers we maybe the best idea of the entire project. Everything is simultaneously organized, accessible and organized. Hooray! (P.S. See the TV on the wall in the mirror's reflection? Perfection.) 

What?! We're not even done with this gigantic photo dump? That's not all the storage you have in store?!

Remember when Grant organized all of my jewelry for me? It was awesome and a huge step up from what I previously had (a pile of necklaces on my dresser). But those two little branches just weren't getting the job done, so I spread everything out and made it even easier to accessorize in the morning. (I also had knob pulls left over from the vanity so I made the dresser's hardware match.)

 Matching hardware, organized jewelry, cable box for the television that it totally in that bedroom. Doesn't get much better than that.

Remember that TV I mentioned? Gooooosh this has improved my life 10000%. Thanks, Grant!

This room is dog tested, mommy approved.

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  1. Your black accent wall looks great! Matches the pooches! I LOVE your organized jewelry too!

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