I forgot to decorate my bedroom. Two years ago.

Grant and I moved to Harlem about two years ago. It's when I started this blog with the grand hopes of chronicling my adventures in decorating and filling up all those other hours in the day. Somewhere between then and now I lost the time to blog and forgot to decorate my bedroom at all. I am not over exaggerating when I say that everything (walls, furniture, bedding, carpet) in my bedroom is white. It's serene and inoffensive but boy, is it boring. I mean, I liked the "Scream" video as much as the next guy, but I wouldn't choose to live on that spaceship. 

But with such a blank canvas I could literally do anything I wanted to! Here are some of the ideas I had in mind:

1. Reposition furniture so that a TV can be added to the bedroom.
2. Colors: Black + white + gold + florals
3. Provide additional storage
4. Create a reading nook
5. Make my dream getting-ready space
6. Fill up those walls with art

So, because I have a lot of time and creativity on my hands, and because I'm dedicating myself to endeavors that will only bring me happiness and positivity, I am redoing our bedroom. And I can't go back on it now because I already ordered everything I'll need and those boxes are arriving on the daily. Obviously I'll be keeping y'all updating about developments as they come along, offering tutorials and the such. But for now, here's the general idea:

1. Removing the nasty rental lighting fixture and installing a large drum shade. The one I bought was on clearance and was white, so I'll be DIYing the black outside/gold inside look of the one above.

2. I'm obsessed with this mixed media art I found on Pinterest. Not only does it echo the color scheme and style of the room but it looks pretty easy to replicate. Look forward to an art project post in the future.

3.  Bold floral throw pillows. Ever since I planned my wedding I've been obsessed with everything floral. I found a couple of these for cheap at Walmart.com of all places and I think they'll be a  perfect pop of color on my big old bed.

4. Obviously there's a lot of pattern mixing going on in this room. I decided to add a touch of whimsy with a new set of polka dot sheets... 250 thread count, guys. I do not mess around with my sleep.

5. Another DIY art project. I'm leaving most of the walls white, so art is a great way to brighten up the room and bring in color. I got a couple large canvases for a good price on Amazon and have about a billion acrylic paint bottles in my craft closet so a-painting I will go!

6. I moved the bed so that the headboard sits next to the window and against the long wall. That long wall will get painted black. (FINALLY a black accent wall... I've been coveting one since I saw Anna's on Door 16.)

7. I bought this exact old man brass lamp from Amazon. It reminds me of my grandpa's house and brings in a touch of metallic, as well as providing varied lighting. It'll be a perfect reading lamp.

8. White metal bed frame + white duvet. I'm keeping all that because I love my bed more than any other place in my home.

9. Black and white throw blanket from IKEA that has since been discontinued (I found it someplace else, guys! The stars aligned!). All of the Australian bloggers I follow have black and white throw blankets at the ends of their beds and I want nothing more than to be an Australian home blogger.

10. I am officially obsessed with gold accents. In the effort of full disclosure, I had a genuine emotional breakdown when I found out there was no place in my hometown to source gold cutlery for my wedding. I'm just in love with gold; no shame. So if I can inject some luxe golden pops into my bedroom I'm all for it. This earthy gold lamp base is my everything. I got a white lamp, but that's nothing a little spray paint can't fix.

11. Modern seating for reading. An actual EAMES rocker was too rich for my blood so I nabbed a knock-off one from Amazon. Add a cozy blanket and a fuzzy throw pillow and I'll have a great place to read a book... or rock that baby we're hoping so hard for to sleep.

12. I'm not too keen on the carpeting that's in the bedroom but there's linoleum under it and maybe (?) salvageable wood floors under that, which just sounds like a big ol' headache. So I got a watercolor black and floral rug to go in front of the bed and tie in the wall color.

13. This is the monster DIY project. One full wall will serve as my vanity. Anchoring the wall will be redesigned Ikea RAST dressers in the style of Urbane Jane's bedside tables. Then, in the middle will be a large table top anchored to the dressers. Inspired by this beaut, I'll have a massive mirror behind, clear acrylic storage for makeup and nail polish on top and a beautiful upholstered chair in front!

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