I've been working on this project for a while now, and I'm so happy that I can finally share it with you! After looking at the Elie Saab Spring 2011 collection, and absolutely loving every single thing in it, I realized that I've never disliked anything that he's ever done. That got me thinking about who my other favorite designers are. And that got me thinking about who my friends' favorite designers are. So I asked a few of those I consider fashion-fabulous and got some great responses.
Here are the results, a pretty presentation from a perfect peanut gallery--my friends! Be sure to click on each person's page to view details, and let me know if this is the kind of thing you like reading. I really enjoyed doing it and could probably be persuaded to do something like it in the future!


*I am aware that Thom Browne is the correct spelling. Misplaced "e"s are not my friends.

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  1. love it!

  2. "Hi, I'm Tom Ford."

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