Did the Daylight Savings jump-forward ruin your perfect weekend? Here are seven things to get you through the work week and on to the next weekend...
This brightly painted candelabra found in Design Sponge's sneak peak of Anne M. Cramer's Spring 2011 collection. I have a similar piece just begging for a bright hue -- this makes me feel even better about the idea.

A DIY lamp idea found in the March/April 2011issue of Lonny Mag. We desperately need a lamp in the living room and this seems like a great way to keep costs down and the piece original.
Design Sponge did a house tour of this loft in Brooklyn. No love lost for the building itself (when Grant first moved to NYC he lived in the McKibbin Lofts -- probably had these dudes as neighbors -- and it was just as awful then as it is now. Glorified slum housing masquerading as cool central because of the hipster trash that resides). However, the fact that these dudes salvaged the old windows and LEARNED HOW TO WORK WITH METAL to make them into a room divider is pretty bad ass.
Elie Saab's Spring 2011 collection. Yes, the entire collection.
I love this baby's room found at Ohdeedoh. You know why? Because my baby's going to be a fucking explorer.
The weekend's small dose of warm weather made me want to go to Coney Island SO MUCH. Warmer days are coming soon!
If Grant hadn't come along and been my other half, I imagine I'd be living in a place a lot like this little studio in Sugar Hill.

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  1. BETTER half, not other half.

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