Sunday Update: House Tour

I realize you guys haven't seen the place in a while so I took some pics around the house. Hope you enjoy!

View of the dining room from the living room. Need to hang art and we NEED a dining room table. Can't decide if we should keep (different) pillows on that bench or keep the clean lines. I like the way the plain bench looks, but it's more comfy with them.
Dining room windows with new curtains which I LOVE. 
Want to makeover the globe and need to figure out what to counter the photo albums with. Also, need new knobs!

We'll have thinner pillows if we keep them.
Just look at all that art we need to hang!
Need to paint those cords but Charlie Bear looks so cute up there!
Temporary solution until I make the slipcovers. Coffee table and rugs are temporary. Not the biggest fan in the world if the drapes but they're OK, I guess?
That chair is seriously the best cozy nook chair ever. Ever. Need new lamp. 
See? With the lamp? Any recommendations for storing candles so they're not always out in the open? And gosh, I need to hide all of those electronics. 
I wonder what we should hang above the dining room doorway...
Kitchen is pretty much the same but we added those polka-dotted curtains. Aren't they fun? 
Cute, right?!
And Grant bought me these flowers! We do not own a vase :(
I will organize your face off.
These cabinets are awful. Who would ever choose that paint color and gold knobs???
So, that's it for now. Bedroom was horribly messy so I spared you guys. It's coming along, slowly but surely. What do you guys think should be my top-priority project? Lots of good stuff coming up!

4 Responses to Sunday Update: House Tour

  1. Cool chair and couch. Cool globe. Great radio thingy. Polka Dot curtains - yes

  2. Also...are the ceilings as high as the appear in the photos? I LOVE high ceilings. :-)

  3. They're pretty high--I'd say 12 feet. I love them too. Not that the rooms need it, but it makes everything seem so much bigger. It also accommodates giant-sized people like you and Grant better, too. :)

  4. Omg! I love your new place. It seems huge!! You are inspiring me to want to do stuff to our house! Lots of fun ideas! Please send creativity to my place via vibes :)

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