God knows I need these little pick-me-ups today more than I have in a good while. It's been a doozy of a week, folks. I apologize for the radio silence, but sometimes life gets in the way of my little online adventures. Thankfully, pretty things and good eats are always there to give a helping hand. Here are some to help get us all through the following seven days.

Water for Elephants is coming to a theater near you soon! I cannot tell you how much I love the book, everything about it (the fated love story that could easily have turned cheesy but always veered toward romantic, the historical setting, the pitch-perfect villain) made me want to read and write and research and go see an elephant. And the film looks absolutely breathtaking. Remember that part in Big Fish that was set at the circus? One of the most beautiful film scenes I've ever viewed--and this movie looks to be like that throughout! So excited!
This little girl's room at Decor8 is would have pretty much been my dream room, except with a bulldog instead of a poodle. Man, I would have promised a lot of good deeds and given up plenty of weekends for that headboard.
I've been meaning to make some homemade granola for more than a year now. Ever since I told Grant how much sugar was in the store-bought stuff I haven't had any--but all of the recipes I've seen weren't chunky enough. Until now. I'm dying to try this Cluster Granola recipe by Melissa from The Traveler's Lunchbox, found at The Kitchn.

A little bit Katharine Hepburn, a little bit Carrie Bradshaw, a little bit Vanessa Hudgens (STOP JUDGING MY DISNEY STYLE ICONS!!!). I'm loving the outfit I found on Beth at B.Jones Style.
Design Sponge did a post about the four-legged companions of design professionals and bloggers, and I cannot get enough of Judah. Perfect name. Perfect mug. I want to snuggle him.
This IKEA hack at Design Sponge. Just two IKEA Rast Dressers, some new hardware and a few pieces of wood, and bingo! A cheap and easy console! I hate to be a copycat but I kind of want one.
Elizabeth Taylor passed away last week. I've got to say, as far as celebrity deaths go, this one hit me harder than most. I've said it time and again, Elizabeth was the most beautiful woman to ever grace this planet. Tirelessly devoted to AIDS research efforts, always fabulously draped in diamonds, constantly marrying different men--the Dame was one-of-a-kind. I mean, she had a Twitter account. But what I loved most about her were her talents as an actress. Her performance in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? both inspired and terrified me when I, too, wanted to act. How could I ever be that committed and freaking amazing. The world lost a good one, but thank god for the invention of the camera. We'll be able to look at that beautiful face forever.

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