The Fabric Conundrum

So, we purchased this couch and chair from a roommate of a former co-worker when we decided to make the big move:

My apologies for the terrible iPhone pic quality!

I love them! They're plushy and over-sized, Victorian without being stuffy and uncomfortable. The problem is, somebody else loves them, too.
Thanks for buying us a new bed, Mom!

The boys ruined our last couch, so I decided with this one that I'd slipcover the bottom cushions and back pillows. (Maybe even make each side of the pillows a different fabric?) It's an easy enough physical task, but the decision as to which fabric to buy feels overwhelming. The issue is that I'm not one to shy away from patterns... but that love of pattern can turn into a real headache when it comes to blending them all together. It gets even more testy when considering the open floor plan of our apartment. So, whatever I choose has to complement not only the couch itself, but the rug we have on the floor right now, the drapes we might hang in the living room AND dining room, the rug we're buying for the dining room and the runner that we installed in the hallway. And I haven't even mentioned the overall design concept of the apartment.

My favorite spaces blend antiques and retro-styled pieces with a modern feel. I like a brushed metal lighting fixture next to a turn-of-the-century armoire. I think that an Eames chair can look right at home on an Oriental rug. But IF, and only if, the space is styled correctly.

Now, here's a perfect blend. (Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

So, since the couch is so formal and stodgy, I need a fabric that feels more modern. And since the dining room table that I plan on making is decidedly modern, I need to choose a rug to go underneath it that's more traditional. Ugh. It's a lot to think about.

So, I thought I'd put it out into the world. Here are a few of the choices that I'm looking at, what do you like?

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  1. I like #4 or maybe #1...not sure about multiple fabrics/patterns on one couch,especially in such busy patterns. Why not just add throws in different fabrics? Darn dogs!

  2. Sorry if that was confusing... the pillows wouldn't be different than the seat cushions, they'd just be backed in a different fabric... Maybe? I'm thinking maybe whatever I use for the drapes in the dining room? Something simple.

  3. Number 2! Number 2!

    It's visually interesting without being overly busy. The pattern and color will look nice against the wooden details of the sofa as well as any metallic or paint finishes (should you decide to cover the wood finish). I'm not sure what your existing rug looks like, but it seems like the fabric would meld the easiest into an open floor plan. You can sass it up with pillows made from any of the other fabrics to give it more interest and to bring in colors from your existing furnishings to help the whole room come together easier.

    The only downside is that the fabric may not hide stains as well as some of the other patterns. Do you know the fiber content? Or you could get something like the print from the Stockholm Design Fair and spill away!

  4. Um... I want that fabric real bad. I think I'll jump over to the Fashion District after work, Keeley. Wish you could come with!

  5. Oh, you have no idea how much I'd love to tag along! If you find swimwear knit in anything resembling that SDF print I'll take 2 yards, please! : )

  6. Will do... speaking of, I want all of these:

  7. I like them all but there's something about #4 that gets me very excited!

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