Sunday Update

In the interest of showing progress, I plan on taking wide shots of the placce every Sunday.

That said, we're still pretty solidly positioned in the living-out-of-boxes phase. So, it's not in the shape that I'd like it to be in when I show it to people, but here you go!

Grant's office. Our landlord called it his "man space room." It's coming along. 

Still just a long hallway, but now with a runner! The neighbors downstairs must be happy.
That's all of our booty from Ikea sitting on the chair on the left. Art and decorations sitting in the other corner.
Oh, boy. So, there's a sheet hanging up. That's where the screen will go when it gets here this weekend. And the temporary TV is chilling on the dresser. Basically, a work in progress.
 So, there you go! Lots of posts coming up next week! Stay tuned!

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