Ruby Jo, 11 and 12 Weeks

Height/Weight: Ruby seems like a much larger than other babies her age... I'll be excited to see how she compares at her 4-month appointment. 

Routine: We've been doubling our morning walks in an effort for mommy to get more exercise and Ruby to get a longer nap. I've also been trying to get in a lot more tummy time. Ruby's torticollis seems not to be getting better, something that's stressing me out a fair amount, so I'm trying aggressively to strengthen her neck. She's MUCH weaker than other babies her age... probably the developmental progress of a baby maybe 1.5 months old as far as lifting her head while on her tummy, so we're trying to get her up to speed. Time can only tell if it works. 

Sleeping: She's been sleeping less during the day, but she's still refusing to sleep any place but on top of me. I have noticed that she's fussier when going down. I'm hoping that this is a signal that she'll soon be ready to nap in her room. She also was having a lot of trouble sleeping in her crib, so we got a small, vibrating sleep rocker and she's been sleeping in that. Her fussing at might seems to have gone way down and we're all getting more quality sleep.   

Eating/Feeding: For some reason Ruby's been eating less than normal... going to keep an eye on ounces and make sure that it's not something we should be concerned about. 

Sizes: I give it a week, maybe two, before she can't fit in her 0-3 month clothes--if she keeps growing at the same rate. 

Milestones: Ruby's been working on her hand-eye coordination like crazy. One night we taught her how to spin a knob on the side of her baby gym and the very next day she was doing it all by herself. It's crazy to see how fast she's absorbing information. She also grabbed a hanging ring on  the gym for the first time yesterday. She was so excited that she wouldn't let go. The biggest developmental leaps she's been making are in vocalization. She stares really intently at people's mouths when we make words and she'll try to silently form the same words. About a week ago she started saying "hi" clearly after I say it to her. It's the most adorable thing I've ever heard. 
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