Nursery Mood Board

I may look like a bowling ball, but the good news is... we're halfway there! Twenty weeks in and we're starting to get prepped for the impending arrival of our little girl. Yep! Little baby girl! Grant was convinced that it was a boy because "Rogers don't make girls," but I knew it was a girl from the beginning. Even though I knew in my heart it was a girl, I had no idea what I would do with a girl's nursery. After far too much internet browsing I've planned out a room that is far more feminine than I had ever imagined. A lot of the details are sophisticated and elegant, but hey, even babies like gold sparkly things right? 

We're keeping the fold-down sleeper couch in there (it's off-white) for late nights and mom/dad hangouts. Above that will be a couple very long floating shelves for more storage. I'm also getting some custom oil paintings made inspired by this gem of badass historical women (Catherine the Great and Elizabeth I), but with the dog's heads on them. Don't worry, I'm keeping the wigs and crowns. And if that doesn't sound amazing to you, you are not my kind of people. 

There are also a couple DIY projects involved. First, I'll be turning an affordable IKEA dresser into something much fancier with the help of a few outside products. Then I'll be adding my favorite element (this great toile from Flavor Paper dedicated to Brooklyn--complete with Biggie Smalls and Coney Island Cyclone) by creating a large framed pinboard and papering the back of a shelving unit. One of the walls will be a chalkboard wall (a Grant request), with the top half of the wall housing backless frames that will highlight kid art. 

1. Dresser, IKEA + O'verlays + Handles 2. Chandelier, Urban Outfitters 3. "Dream Big Little Girl", Etsy 4. Personalized Crest Art, Etsy 5. NYC Art, Etsy 6. Rug, IKEA 7. Sheepskin Throw, IKEA 8. Banner, Land of Nod 9. Shelf, IKEA 10. Wallpaper, Flavor Paper 11. Flowers and Vase, Target 12. Crib, Target 13. Side Table, Target 14. Crib Sheet, Land of Nod 15. Changing Pad, Target 16. Glider, Target; Paint:

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