Bump Update: 14 Weeks

 Hi guys! So if you hadn't already figured out, THIS is the reason that my blogging has been so intermittent... we're having a baby! The first trimester I had a lot of cramping and a lot of self-prescribed bed rest, but now I've really gotten into the swing of carrying a baby and I'm loving it!

Look at how huge my bump is! At only 14 weeks I look about 5 months pregnant... but I started showing around 6 weeks, so I guess this is just par for the course for my short little waist. Nowhere to go but out!

The biggest surprise of the pregnancy is how little I want to eat. I was having trouble finding foods that didn't make me totally grossed out during the first trimester, and it hasn't gotten any better--and now I have to eat about 350 more calories than I was before! It's OK though... I just have to be really selective about what foods will pack the most caloric and nutritional punch. Other than that (and some sleepless nights) everything else seems to be going well!

Can't wait to see how big my bump is going to get... I can't even imagine!

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  1. More pics please!!!!!

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