Birthday Wishlist

Confession: I'll be turning Dirty 30 in 10 days. In a lot of ways, most ways, the birthday doesn't phase me nearly as much as I thought it would. I'm happy in basically all aspects of my life, so this will probably be the happiest birthday I've ever celebrated. But 30 is still 30. Suddenly I'm that-age-when-I-used-to-think-people-were-old. And 40 seems like a possibility! Weird. But overall, feeling pretty fab about turning Dirty 30! I'm even amazed at how practical my gift choices are now. Seems like just yesterday I wanted anything-with-sparkles. Below are a few of the things I'm coveting this year. 
1. Jacket from H&M
2. Sew Everything Workshop on Amazon
3. Frends Headphones on Nordstrom
4. Tote from H&M
5. Nails, Nails, Nails! on Amazon
6. Mittens from H&M
7. Ankle Boots from H&M
8. Ear Cuff from Zara

2 Responses to Birthday Wishlist

  1. I have never heard of an ear cuff. Interesting. Looks heavy?

  2. I have another one and I don't notice it. Your whole ear supports it so I'm sure it doesn't hurt. Plus, sparkles!!!

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