Adding Storage and Increasing Organization

Living in the city is exciting for so many reasons. One of those does NOT include apartment living. Don't get me wrong, I love our little home--but it's just that: little. Because of that lack of space we have to get pretty creative when it comes to storage. When I decided to revamp the bedroom I made additional storage and increased organization top priorities. With the addition of the two vanity dressers I had a lot more room to spread things out, but I did a lot of other little things to keep things in place. Check them out below.

In another life I was a copy editor at a major gossip magazine. One of the benefits of the job was the beauty editor's makeup room. Every so often the samples that companies sent the editor in the hopes of getting into the magazine would become too plentiful to fit in the room, she would hold a makeup sale. You could get an entire bag full of products (I'm talking everything from Chanel to Sephora--including pricey wrinkle cream) for only $5. Needless to say, I stockpiled. And when I left the magazine I got to raid the closet as a goodbye gift. Lots of products, little room. These lucite containers, above and below, are the perfect solution. Not only do they allow me to organize everything neatly, but they make everything incredibly accessible. You can find them here and here
I love the architectural details of our apartment. It was built around the turn of the century, and many of the original fixings still exist. You know what else still exists? Its tiny closets. You thought I had a makeup problem? Check out my shoe and clothing addiction. Because I have so many pairs, I got this over-the-door shoe rack to put in the closet. Then I removed the existing single pole that was in the closet and decided that the best way to get twice as much clothing storage was to change the directions of the poles. (There simply isn't enough height in the closet to stack them on top of one another.) Skirts and dresses are on the left, blouses on the right and a shelf with boxes where I keep socks and underwear. Plus I have space for my rain boots!

Below I've organized my face products in one of the drawers of my vanity using the IKEA Godmorgon system. This way they don't roll around and I can easily organize different kinds of products.

 Part of the Godmorgon system is this 9-part lucite organizer that fits neatly into a drawer. I put in in my top dresser drawer to separate all of those little things that sometimes get mixed up--bras, tights, bathing suits, camisoles, scarves. It seems like such a little thing, but this has really improved my quality of life.

 As you may have seen when I did my big bedroom reveal, I finally organized my jewelry. I used to have every single necklace hanging from those branches. I decided to spread them out so that they'd be easier to take down, then I hung my bracelets and bangles so I could take just a few and not all of them.

Have you done any reorganizing lately? What's your favorite trick for getting a lot of stuff into a small space?

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