Small Projects

If there's a room in our apartment that has been ignored in all of this making-things-pretty business, it's definitely our bedroom. I have grand plans for the space, but spending time on it hasn't exact been a priority. I did accomplish a small project this past weekend though.

My jewelry has been sitting in a disorganized pile of tissue paper since we moved in -- and I haven't accessorized at all! I know. For shame.

The finished product is sweet and pretty, and I think it'll look great with the romantic/vintage plans for the room!

The bracelet tree, necklace branches and ring hand are from Urban Outfitters. The three-tiered jewelry holder that I keep my earrings (thank god for vintage clip-ons, my ears won't take piercings), pins and additional rings is from Forever 2. The sunflower wooden box is from a middle school "store" we could buy things from based on points scored for grades, behavior, etc. I saved up all semester for that puppy. And the embroidered fabric piece is a cafe curtain I used in a previous house and couldn't bear to part with. I love it all together. What do you think?

3 Responses to Small Projects

  1. Holy jewelry woman!!

  2. Ummm,I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now feel totally inferior in the accessory department of my life.

  3. A) I'm in love with everything. And I have a huge boner for your jewelry collection.

    B) Totes have the same necklace branch (why didn't I buy more than one???) and same F21 glasses necklace.

    My jewelry was this nicely organized once. And then I became a lazy slob about it. Thanks for the motivation to spruce it up and send you pics! You'll love the vintage jewelry cabinet I found a few months ago.

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