DIY Abstract Art

Hello! Long time, no blog! My apologies for not updating more often. The end of my pregnancy was tough and now I have a wee babe, so I'll try to write as much as I can, but posts may be shorter and further apart.

Way back when I redid the living room, I wanted something to hang above the storage dresser and between the awesome new ebony lamps I got. None of my currently owned art fit the bill so I decided to make something myself. I wanted it to be bold and modern--and easy enough to replicate that even an artistically challenged person such as myself could replicate it. I was thinking something along these lines:

Bold, modern... easy enough to replicate, right? At the time that I bought the canvas (for cheap off of Amazon) and planned out what I would spend the afternoon making, Grant and I were leaning toward the first option. I liked that it boldly disallowed for negative space and that the gold border added an elegant touch. Then, while watching American Dreambuilders (check it out if you haven't already), I spotted this guy in one of the completed rooms. 

First of all, I like that it brought some color in--something that I'm fearful of doing far too often. It seemed a bit more artistic and less random than the others, but still simple enough to replicate. So I set to work on my canvas with acrylic paints and brushes that I already owned. Honestly, it was really simple. I used a foam craft brush to disperse large areas of paint (moving from yellow over to black), and a smaller bristle brush to create was Grant says "looks like torn paper." The key is not to get impatient and to let the paint on each color dry completely before moving on to the next. Beyond that, it was an easy-peasy project (costing less than $20) and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Check it out!

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