Wedding Reception Details

Yesterday I brought you the details of our wedding ceremony. Today I want to take you inside the reception. Also held at Bluestem Nursery and Vineyard, the reception took place in the outbuilding that comes with the property rental. When I say outbuilding, I mean outbuilding. The room was large, rectangular and empty. The walls were white and metal, and there were pipes all over. I loved the property, but I did NOT love this space. So I got to work making it over.

The first rule of business was making the walls and ceiling look a lot less industrial farm, and a lot more elegant ballroom. That meant tons and tons of draping. I love the way that drapery softens a space and immediately makes it feel more romantic, but the usual cream draping was just not doing it for me. Finally, after hours and hours of digging around on Pinterest and the web, I found my draping inspiration here. The draping and florals were done by Blooms & Bouquets. It cost a pretty penny but I wouldn't have wanted anything else.

Because the room was just a large rectangle, it was important that we divide it into several areas by using a creative layout. The entrance opened to a wishing tree and the cakes, then guest seating was split into three long family-style tables. After the seating, the "recreational" activities were at the end of the room. A lounge area separated the dance floor and photo booth. 

Instead of a guest book, Grant and I decided to do a wishing tree. Guests were invited to leave us their best wishes and advice, and tie them to a ribbon on the tree. I requested a MUCH larger tree than that, but like I've said before, sometimes you get there the day-of and you have to roll with the punches. The seating chart was another DIY project. I had intended to just make it a poster, but so many people were late to RSVPing or adding plus-ones that I opted to get the background printed in poster form and stick on the names later. It was a surprisingly long process that I thought would be expedited by having help. Alas, I had far few hands the night before to help than I thought I would (the few that were there were major lifesavers), so I was up until about 4 a.m. working on it. I really loved the way it looked though.

I mean, look at that cake topper. We opted for lots of smaller cakes in multiple flavors (carrot cake, red velvet and wedding cake), but kept them looking the same on the outside. That topper is from a custom Etsy shop, and though its delivery came down to the wire it turned out to be one of my favorite elements of the wedding. 

Chiviari chairs: expensive. Chiviari chairs: make the room.

The buffet was put on the dance floor so that it could be cleared when guests were done eating. The packets you see on the chairs were activity booklets I made up for all of the kids attending. It's tough going to weddings when you're a parent and I was trying to help in keeping the kiddos occupied. 

The two outside banquet tables were set up differently than the middle table. I requested dark-stained wood planks down the middle to bring in more of the outdoors theme, then the florist added various vases filled with the romantic flowers that ran throughout the wedding. 

Let's talk about these gold-rimmed chargers and plates. They were expensive. They were ridiculously expensive. Every single person who knew about them tried to talk me out of them. I am so pleased that I stood my ground. They look so luxe and really pop on the charcoal linens. I DIYed the name cards by printing out cardstock with pretty script and topping them off with glitter tape. I also tied together each set of silverware with gold velvet ribbon, an element that was also in the invite suite.

The middle banquet table was decorated slightly differently. Instead of the wood planks I opted for a lush greenery runner. Oversized silver vintage urns housed giant garden arrangements that sat on every table, and tons and tons of votive candles in mercury glass containers provided a soft, romantic glow. 

The lounge area was a great way to not only separate the spaces, but also provid a place for people to rest when dancing got too strenuous. All of the furniture was rented from Nostalgia Vintage Rentals and the adorable child was provided by my sister. 

I designed these oversized signs to hang behind the bar and had them printed by an online shop. I love signage and I wanted to tie together the ceremony and reception, so the posters flanking the bar menu include quotes from The Little Prince, which was a reading at the wedding. 

For cocktail hour (while we took our wedding party photos--Grant and I didn't see one another until I walked down the aisle!) guests were invited to enjoy Colby Ridge popcorn (a local Nebraska favorite) and some of our favorite candies. I DIYed the signage and simply tied it around the containers (rented from Nostalgia) with oversized ribbon. 

To bring in more the of the Midsummer Night's Dream side of the theme, and to provide additional lighting, I requested branch chandeliers (15 in total) to be hung over each of the individual tables that comprised the banquet tables. They were draped in flowers and fairy lights. Over the dance floor hung a circular chandelier (about 3-feet in diameter) that was beyond stunning in person. 

At the end of the room was the photo booth, easily the biggest hit of the night. We rented more Nostalgia furniture and I got some pretty floral fabric from Spoonflower. Then I sewed it together so that it could be put up with pipe and drape and the rest is history!

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