On the Hunt: Hampers

Even though there are only two people in our house, the laundry situation is pretty serious. If I do loads (and I do mean multiple loads) every two days I can keep the clothes from overflowing. Between Grant wearing undershirts with literally every single thing he wears, changing when he gets to work, changing again when he gets home, my own insistence on never re-wearing pants (I know this is a thing that other people do. I do not.) or re-using towels, it adds up pretty quickly. Currently the clothes are overflowing out of a grocery shopping cart that I use to bring stuff down to the basement. And since I just re-did the whole bedroom it's kind of an eyesore to see a bright red wheel-y cart with clothes sticking out of it just chillin' in the middle of it all. So I've been looking around for the perfect hamper to put in our bedroom. In the end I think I'll have to DIY something if I don't want to pay $100, but here are a few that were adorable and under a hundred.

1. Etsy, $82
2. JCPenney, $50 
5. Etsy, $80 
6. Crate and Barrel, $40 

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