My Week on Instagram

Most of my week has been consumed with projects pertaining to my bedroom remodel. So that explains the spotty blog posts--but it also means there will be an in-progress bedroom reveal coming soon! When we got back from our weddingpalooza there were boxes and boxes of things I had ordered for the bedroom, and that took a few days in and of itself to sort through. When I had them organized I marched my butt down to the hardware store and ordered up some black paint for the accent wall. I am SO happy with how it looks with all of the white furniture.

 I had a bunch of pics I hand't showed off from our vacay, so I threw those up and shared them with the world. I rented the runway once again and wore a Haute Hippie dress to Erin and Marc's wedding. Grant loved it on me, and especially liked the soft curls I had in my hair. I like the way it showed off my ginormous boobies. Let's be real ladies, the ONLY good part about gaining weight is getting Pam Anderson-sized honkers, and mine are about as big as my head at this point. I'm working on getting them (and the rest of me) smaller, but I sure will miss 'em.

Boo always manages to look dapper in a suit, as do the rest of those Rogers boys. They're all so tall and visually impaired. Gives me hope for that offensive line I'm hoping to raise one day.

Jonathan and I hit up Therapy last week. I love a good disco ball and the DJ is good before it gets too late. Plus, they have food during the week and you know I like a bar where they'll deliver food to me. Speaking of food, Grant and I celebrated our courthouse anniversary yesterday. We were married by a classically Brooklyn-ite man in a mustache, and it was amazing. He got insurance for the year. I got a great meal at Arriba Arriba in Morningside Heights a year later. Win-win.

Later on in the week my shipment of IKEA furniture came and I got to start on my epic vanity build. I painted and stained and installed hardware and installed the table and then Homer saw himself in the mirror and just stared and stared. See those lucite makeup organizers? They. Are. Everything.

Pumpkin spice things are back. Everything is happening in my life.

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