My Week on Instagram

The first stop on my vacation with Grant to attend friends' weddings was Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to attend Grant's cousin's wedding. I rented a gown from Rent the Runway, which I cannot recommend enough if you have an event to attend. While there we took a winding horseback ride up and back down a mountain. It was amazing. Then we jetted off to Lincoln, where I mostly just lazed around a hotel room, but I did have time to catch up with one of my faces, Ellen, and her amazing husband Jim. That Saturday we attended friends Erin and Marc's wedding, which was held on Erin's parents' property... in from of a cornfield... to only the sounds of cicadas. It was romantic and beautiful and they looked so happy. While in Lincoln Grant and I got our wedding ring tattoos. Mine is a tiny infinity symbol. His is a heavy band. I love them both. By the time we got back home I missed the dog babies more than I ever have. We got back just in time to watch the Jets, somehow, win their season opener, and all snuggled on the couch. GUYS--I got boyfriend jeans that are actually baggy! Best thing ever! Also, those leopard loafers are so comfy. I've been busy ever since I got back, but I spent one night hopping to MBFW parties with my main man Jonathan. Hope everyone's having a great week!

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