DIY Costume: The Hamburglar

Today is the first in a series of Halloween costume how-tos. I love Halloween but I hate those costumes you buy out of a bag at Party City. Sexy kitty, sexy Dorothy, sexy Elmo, sexy lamp post. (Only one of those is not a real thing.) Plus, those things will cost you around $70 and you'll never be able to use it again. Trust me, the one time I went as slutty anything for Halloween I thought I'd do it with a bang and chose Playboy Bunny. Anytime I clean out my underwear drawer I find my bunny costume, which I kept in hopes that I would use it again in order to excuse the cost. Sadly, I don't think my thighs will ever allow for that again.

But not to fret dear readers, putting together a costume on your own can produce a result that's just as cute--and 100 times more fun! They cost a whole lot less and you'll probably get use out of at least a couple of the pieces again. Win-win-win! This week I'm bringing you how to put together a costume for The Hamburglar, the little gingy from McDonalds Land whose priorities are about the same as mine. 
Striped Dress, Forever 21/ Hamburger Tie, Ebay/ Mask, Amazon/ Gloves, Amazon/ Hat, e4Hats

The whole thing comes in at just over $50, which is pretty reasonable considering you'd definitely rock that hat next summer at the beach and the dress could be repurposed for so many looks.

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