The walls were looking pretty bare and the apartment pretty un-lived-in, so we finally got around to hanging up some art! Enjoy this pic-heavy post.

Stacked art above the rainbow bookshelves.
Kandinsky, van Gogh, diploma, Grant's dad's photography and a poster print of a '20s football game advertisement: Nebraska vs. New York.
Stills from a cartoon I made Grant when we were dating.
From afar.
Scene above the couch.
Masks from Grant's grandfather, who traveled the world working for the Army Corp of Engineers.
We call this one Gandalf.
My favorite piece in the house: a sketch of a street market his grandfather got in Bangladesh.
Doggies enjoying their rug.

I made that sunflower in high school for a poetry project. It was painted on a piece of wood I had laying around. I used finger paint, house paint, even crushed up food for the pigments. I always mean to get rid of it but it has a lot of sentimental value.
Tapestry Grant got while in India for a wedding.
Wood carving from the same trip to India and a glass hanging lantern I've had for years.
Close-up of the wood carving.
I got that modern clock above the doorway about five years ago. It finally looks right in this house.
I painted that mirror with chalkboard paint for the last apartment. The print calendar hanging above the dresser was a gift from my old friend Carly Buzz. It's a collection of pieces from local artists in Kalamazoo, MI, where she lives.
IKEA frame at the end of the hallway. Need to find fixes for that wall sconce and fuse box.
When I got the frame I just put some wrapping paper I had in as a space filler. Maybe I'll paint the frame? Maybe I'll fill it with something else?
Cross view from the hallway looking into the dining room and through to the living room.
Weaving Grant got in India, hung in the hallway outside of the bathroom.
Down the hallway looking toward the front door.
Preserved and framed newspapers from the day after WWII ended, found in Grant's grandmother's house. Printed by the Lincoln, Nebraska newspaper.
Charlie Bear is very helpful in these photo shoots.

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  1. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything. I want to come and visit!!!!!!!!!

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