Bathroom Shelves

There was a bit of a storage issue in our bathroom before. And by "a bit" I mean that the bathroom is tiny and there was absolutely no storage at all, barring the medicine cabinet and the space under the sink for a trash basket and toilet paper.

See? Nothing.

So, we took ourselves over to Home Depot and found some shelving. We decided against a standing unit pretty much immediately since the width of the space between the tub and the wall is about two feet. And any shelving hung up could only go on the wall on the left, since the wall behind the toilet has that window. There were lots of wall shelf options, but even more roadblocks. Since the space was so small, the shelves had to be high enough that we wouldn't run into them when walking. And since Grant is so tall (a whopping 6'5"!) any shelving that we put above the toilet would have to be pretty high up.

Here's what we came up with!

Floating shelves seemed like the best option. The small space was begging for some clean lines and, as we weren't sure where exactly they'd be positioned, we didn't want anything that might be an impediment to additional storage, like clunky brackets.

Grant, organizing our bathroom wares.

For storing all of our bathroom products I got these canvas totes. I like the pop of the brown against the white walls and the modern look of the grommets.

We also threw up some additional hooks behind the door for towels that we use all the time. Hoping to hang up some art at some point, but I love the overall effect. What do you guys think?

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